The Reality of Kennels in South Africa

It is no trade secret that South Africa is a country that has faced many struggles and tribulations over the years. The economy of South Africa is suffering and the country is faced with a very high level of unemployment. The reality is that everyone in the country is suffering and not just the people, but also the animals. More specifically, the dogs. Although there are many people trying to rescue and save dogs, there are not enough good homes for each dog.

Most dogs in South Africa, living in all the different provinces, are housed in kennels. Some of these kennels are sponsored by private organizations who work hard to rescue animals from trying conditions. They save dogs from abuse, neglect and much more. However, there is never enough homes for all the dogs and this results in dogs ending up in kennels.

Kennels usually have more dogs than their capacity. In many cases, the dogs don’t receive the amount of love, care, and attention that they need. However, they are alive, eating and not being hurt. Most of them rely on the kindness of one good family who will come in and adopt them from the kennels and take them home.

Despite numerous attempts to educate people on the early sterilization of dogs, this does not always happen. There are many rescue organizations all over the country who spend every single day of their lives visiting remote townships and villages in South Africa trying to educate people on how to properly take care of their dogs.

However, despite their best efforts, many people in South Africa are unemployed and living on government grants which do not offer enough to cover their basic housing and food costs. They do not have the required resources to look after a dog. Unfortunately, it is the dogs who end up suffering and who end up in kennels.

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