Be Aware of Kennel Regulations in South Africa

Firstly, not anybody can open up a kennel in South Africa. There are very strict regulations and laws that need to be abided by at all times. Although there are many kennels in South Africa, the truth of the matter is that not all kennels abide by the rules and regulations of the country. Unfortunately, the country is facing so many economic problems that the measures to ensure the safety and security of all animals are not always abided by.

The basic needs of a dog need to be met in the kennels. They are required to have certain levels of hygiene and sanitation and there are people who oversee this. However, with the number of problems in the country and the number of dogs that need homes, not all kennels meet these standards. In many cases, there are dogs who unfortunately fall through the system and the cracks.

Kennels are not only used to house dogs but in many cases, they are used to keep a variety of other animals. Although the dogs are considered different from the other animals, there are many animals in the country who need a place, food, and shelter. When it comes to the abuse and neglect of other animals such as rabbits, cats, and birds, they are more often than not also found in the kennels.

Although dogs have special requirements and a per square meter regulation for kennels, in many cases, there are more dogs than there is space. There are situations in which dogs and animals may need to get put down. There is simply not enough infrastructure and resources in the country to look after all these animals and dogs. It is therefore very important to consider choosing a dog from a kennel because you literally will be saving a life.

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